Frequently Asked Questions

Q:-How do I update my advertisement on the NectarKast network?

A:-Simply login to nectarkast.com/portal and insert your ad.

Q:-How do I set multiple locations?

A:-Setting locations is simple! If you signed up with a multiple location package simple press the plus button and slide the map to select show the new location! Here is a helpful video.

Q:-How do host my ads?

A:-We recommend that you host your ads at postimages.org. Step 1 = Upload your 300x250 Image that is a JPG or PNG under 200kb. After uploading you will get the DIRECT LINK - EXAMPLE

Q:-I need help making my ad!

A:-At the bottom of our homepage you will find creative services and we can help you design a professional ad!

Q:-You guys are awesome! How do you do it?

A:-We work hard and have a dedicated team that works around the clock to provide you with an amazing product and service.

Q:-How much does NectarKast cost?

A:-Your NectarKast plan has an activation fee for the first month and a monthly fee that is the same every month depending upon what you sign up for.

Q:-I'm in love with NectarKast. How do I become a re-seller?

A:-It's simple. Every customer who purchases a NectarKast is configured to be a re-seller. Simply purchase a plan and we will email you your login credentials for our Partner Program.

Q:-How does your compensation plan work?

A:-We have the best and most fun compensation plan in the industry. Each direct unit you sell you earn, and for each person you refer you also earn for their direct sales. We are not an MLM but work by referral.

Q:-Where can I find a copy of your compensation plan?

A:-It's on our homepage in the Digital Assets of our site. Simple click on the downloadable PDF to view our compensation package.

Q:-How do I get started?

A:-Getting started is easy. Step 1 is select a package for your business. Step 2 is to checkout and login. Step 3 is to select your location/s and to enter your ad. Within 24 hours your ad will will go out on over 10k+ apps and websites! Make sure you have read our to ensure that your ad is accepted in the network.

Watch this video to see how Nectarkast can help you promote your Business on over 10K apps and websites. Complete walk thru of What we do and HOW we do it.

Take a look at this training video. Here we walk you thru how to use a picture and size your ad for the back office.

See how you can control where to place your ad and how far you want it to go.

Here is a walk thru on what your ads will look like on over 10K Apps and Websites. Help your client increase sales in their business.

We are so excited to announce our new Compensation Plan with an increase in Residual income. Take a look at what you can earn in a short period of time.

Wow, take a look at this video and check out all the apps and websites your ad is showing up on. This is why we are on over 10K Apps and Websites. You never know who is looking at what. But now you know Where they saw your ad.

Now we can serve your ad to many locations. Just pick the package that is right for you and let's do it.

NO MORE BEACONS! Just set your campaign on the Map and get Ready to Advertise your Business everywhere!

If you take the time to sign up your clients, you will ensure that they do sign up and you get credit for them. It takes a few minutes to make sure it is done right and that your client understands how easy this is to do.

How do I get started? Watch this video to help you understand how to get started by simply going to your mailbox and picking up that JACKPOT mail. You call it Junk Mail, I call it JackPot Mail. See why?

Simple easy steps to add your information to any flyer.