Partnership Program

First of all….We are NOT an MLM. OUR PROGRAM IS SIMPLE! We provide a platform to GROW YOUR OWN BUSINESS & have structured our business to make you our STRATEGIC PARTNER, so you can build wealth! Owner Commissions are direct sales that pay $20 per device sold, and $6 dollar per month ongoing. Partner Commissions pay $4 dollars per month.

We are inviting business owners and wealth builders to participate in ‘Strategic Partner Advantage Marketing Movement’ with our NectarKast platform as the vehicle to own and operate your own business.

Commissions start on the 30th day after initial sign up on both Owner & Partner Commissions. Earn ONLY on your Direct Sales & your Partner’s Direct Sales.

The OWNER chart above is SIMPLE! For each NectarKast device you sell you earn $20 dollars. For each $15 dollar per month subscription you sell directly you earn $6 dollars. If your customer purchases 6 devices you earn a $120 commission and earn $36 dollars per month for their active devices.

The PARTNER chart above is SIMPLE! When your partners make a direct sale you will make $4 dollars for each device subscription on an ongoing basis. If your partner sells 6 devices directly you will earn $24 per month or $4 per device sold. Our sales system encourages everyone to make partnerships and from experience OWNERS who BUILD PARTNERS are positioned to SUCCEED!